Find Bachelor of Computer Science

A Bachelor of Computer Science program is awarded worldwide at various universities. Students complete a three or four year program that focuses on computer science and its related fields. In general, graduates of these college-level programs are prepared to design, create and maintain computer software and hardware systems. While there may be offerings for specialties within the degree program, students who wish to enrol in a more general program can also find one that works for them at many universities around the world.

What is a Bachelor of Computer Science?

A Bachelor of Computer Science is a degree program that prepares successful, driven students, to take advantage of the incredible opportunities currently available in the world of computers. Students leave these programs with the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in the industry in various professions. Coursework can vary from university to university, however, it often has similar tenets and goals. Some of the most important topics students study include:

Learning in these programs often takes place in a regular classroom setting through lectures. But hands-on projects and research are often included. Because computer science is a mathematics-based discipline, students are also expected to become well-versed in mathematics, particularly calculus. Other coursework includes operating systems, software engineering and data structures. This all comes together to create a student with solid skills and a firm understanding of the concepts necessary to go on and further their education at the graduate level.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Computer Science?

Computer science is an incredibly rewarding discipline that offers students the chance to be part of exciting advancements in technology. Upon graduation, students prove that they are prepared to meet the challenges of the industry by applying their knowledge and skills in a variety of ways. This offers graduates a distinct advantage over competitors without these qualifications. Because of this, graduates of a Bachelor of Computer Science program are more likely to get and keep the jobs they want, and create successful careers for themselves. Additional benefits include:

  • Higher salaries – New graduates can expect to make significantly more than those they work with who do not have the same qualifications.
  • Pick of the Jobs – Because of the high demand in the industry for qualified, competent workers, Bachelor of Computer Science graduates are heavily recruited and have more job prospects than those in other areas of work.
  • Little boredom – Because computer science is often project-based, people do not work on the same thing for long. This provides them with an opportunity to refresh, switch gears and move on to other important things.

One of the greatest benefits these programs offer graduates is the preparation needed to be successful in a graduate program.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Bachelor of Computer Science?

The career prospects for Bachelor of Computer Science graduates are incredibly diverse and far-reaching. Because computer science requires extensive computer support knowledge and problem-solving skills, graduates are often well-prepared and successful in various ways across the public and private sectors of the industry. Some students find work at technology companies, insurance groups, financial institutions and even medical device companies. Graduates are often successful in the following careers:

  • Computer programmer
  • Software engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Computer Systems analyst
  • Network Administrator

Computer programmers are some of the most essential workers within the computer science industry. They use a variety of computer languages to write the programs that make computers operate. In many cases, public and private parties will hire computer programmers to create programs with specific goals, such as a database for medical records. The programmers are responsible for designing and creating the program in addition to testing and debugging it once it is completed.

Another notable career for Bachelor of Computer Science graduates is network administrator. In this profession, the network administrator is responsible for maintaining network functionality. The key areas of focus for this include monitoring software-network interactions, network integrity and maintaining on-site servers.

No matter the specialisation, these programs serve as a great stepping stone for earning a master’s or doctorate degree. There are countless degree options to choose from on an international level. Begin researching your top choices and specialties to ensure you are ready for this challenging, yet incredibly rewarding discipline.