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Bachelor’s in Quality Assurance

A Bachelor’s in Quality Assurance is a degree that is available from many universities around the globe. The foundation of the program typically builds students’ knowledge of safety precautions, reliable manufacturing and professional communication. The program encompasses interdisciplinary coursework spanning several fields of science and industry, so the range of knowledge equips graduates for a diverse set of potential careers.

What is a Bachelor’s in Quality Assurance?

A Bachelor’s in Quality Assurance is a professionally-oriented degree that delves into the skills and knowledge essential to industrial quality management. Though the typical career path is that of the degree’s title, other opportunities to apply the program’s knowledge to will abound. Some of the courses that student might take include:

  • Essentials of Engineering
  • Industrial Statistics
  • Design and Control in Quality Assurance
  • Test Management and Improvement
  • Science of Industrial Design

The knowledge covered in these and other classes in the curriculum ready students for careers in quality assurance and similar positions.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor’s in Quality Assurance?

There are a number of reasons a Bachelor’s in Quality Assurance might be attractive to you. Its benefits include acquainting students with essential knowledge for the field and equipping them to take on unique challenges in quality assurance. Other benefits that you might enjoy include:

  • Put the skills learned in class to use with applied internships and other opportunities.
  • Take an active role in making products and processes safe for everybody.
  • Remind those around you that their work and safety matters.
  • Develop the skills to effectively address and resolve quality concerns.
  • Train an eye for detail that will be beneficial in nearly any field you might work in.

These are just a few of many benefits a Bachelor’s in Quality Assurance can provide. Students in the program can apply these advantages to careers in the field.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor’s in Quality Assurance?

A Bachelor’s in Quality Assurance typically leads to careers in the degree’s titular field. This sector demands attention to detail, exemplar problem-solving abilities and a passion for safety. These qualities are a major part of the degree program, and they make idea candidates for positions such as quality assurance manager, safety supervisor and industrial performance specialist.

The first of these, quality assurance manager, puts the skills gained from the degree program to direct use. Some of the job duties you may expect include:

  • Collect samples to examine for compliance
  • Develop and maintain strict guidelines for quality
  • Document results of all samplings
  • Encourage safety measures among team

A safety supervisor performs many similar duties, though the job is likely to entail more interaction with a team. Some of the duties for this position may include:

  • Conduct safety audits to assess team’s knowledge of protocol
  • Promote safety throughout workplace to prevent accidents
  • Engage in disciplinary action against team members acting willfully unsafely
  • Determine best practices for safety in team environment

Schools around the world have Bachelor’s in Quality Assurance programs that you may enroll in. Get started by research programs in your country or abroad.