Find Bachelor of Architecture in Canada

Bachelor of Architecture in Canada

A Bachelor of Architecture in Canada gives students a broad foundation in architectural studies. They can use this knowledge to pursue entry-level positions in the field or higher academic programs. Deciding to study in Canada can give you a unique perspective and style for architectural design. With great schools like the University of Toronto and McGill University to choose from, you can be sure you will get a quality education.

What Is a Bachelor of Architecture?

A typical Bachelor’s program for architecture will last about three years. However, it is not uncommon for students to stay for four years. In fact, some programs combine Master’s and Bachelor’s programs for a six year program. For the Bachelor’s portion, students learn the basics of architecture with coursework in the following subject areas:

  • Design and Construction: Students gain a deep understanding of how the initial design and ending construction relate. Students learn how to keep construction constraints in mind while planning their concepts.
  • Sustainable Design: Green design is a component in these studies, but the aim is to create structures that can survive in a given environment. For instance, students learn to plan for areas prone to floods or earthquakes.
  • Structural Engineering: Students learn how real world forces put pressure on load bearing beams and what materials or designs are best in a given situation. Here the students learn how to plan a structurally sound project.
  • Architectural History: Architecture students learn how the profession evolved and the different stages in design history. They will learn how architecture fits into historical culture and society.
  • Regulations and Safety: Students will learn the laws guiding architectural design such as building codes and minimum project safety requirements. This will help them better plan projects and advise clients in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Completing a Bachelors of Architecture?

After completing a Bachelors of Architecture program, students develop a range of skills and knowledge. This makes them more competitive in the professional realm. When searching for entry-level employment or higher degree programs, students will have these benefits:

  • Professional Network: While in school, students can begin building their professional network with their peers, mentors and professors. They can also use these resources to find internships or entry-level employment.
  • Advanced Degree Preparations: With a foundational knowledge in technology and structural principles, students are better prepared for further study. Advanced programs tackle the specialised concepts based on undergraduate knowledge.
  • Increased Pay: With higher credentials, graduates can typically expect higher salaries compared to secondary school graduates. Additionally, the positions may be higher on the ladder.
  • Foundational Knowledge and Practice: In university, students will learn to work cooperatively in groups and test their skills. With guided instruction, they can develop the skills needed to get ahead.
  • Increased Job Opportunity: Students frequently notice their degree qualifies them for more positions, even outside the architectural field. Their critical thinking and analytical skills are highly transferable.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelors of Architecture?

With a Bachelor’s degree, architecture graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in the architectural field. Many will choose to become architects, though some additional certifications may be required. Graduates can expect to work creatively with colleagues on landscape, building or naval designs. Typical responsibilities might include:

  • Sketching, drawing and modeling client’s designs.
  • Negotiating with and hiring the appropriate contractors for the project.
  • Advising the client on the feasibility of their objectives based on budget, regulation and location constraints.
  • Manage project progress and resolve issues as needed.

Graduates may choose to pursue architectural technology as a career. These technologists focus on the efficiency and practicality of a project. They most frequently work with renovations and new structures. Additionally, they are a go to for sustainable and usable designs. In some cases, they may work as consultants for a particularly challenging project. Their work frequently includes a focus on:

  • Technical Design
  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Constructional Technology
  • Contract Negotiation and Administration
  • Inclusive Environments
  • Sustainability

Canada has a complete range of excellent universities to choose from whether you are a local or international student. Start researching your ideal educational institution today to get started on your new career and promising path. With a Bachelor’s degree, you will be prepared for the challenges of being an entry-level professional in architecture.